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Tease And Denial - Don't Come!

There is a game I like to play. It's an easy one and how it takes depends on you.

It's called Tease And Denial, which simply means that I will bring you to the edges of orgasms and then instruct you not to come!

Orgasm Denial is the sweetest form of role play. It prolongs and amplify the joys of sex like few others and can come in many forms, even if the word "come" is one we want to avoid as much as possible.

"DON'T COME!" Is an order repeated time and time again during a roleplaying teasing and denying session.

I have been known to prevent a lover from ejaculating even after more than an hour of constant masturbation.

How is that even possible and you might thing that the lover in question may have had hardon issues or the opposite of premature ejaculation, but no. He didn't and in fact never quite manage to keep it hard long enough inside of me before letting loose, with the obvious distressing consequences for my own pleasure.

This in fact is what prompted to start roleplaying with him, teaching him trough orgasm denial how to be more in control of his erection, making him a better lover.

But how do you prevent a man from coming, whilst masturbating him as well as you possibly can, with your fingers wrapped around his cock, always stroking, up and down until you feel the twitch, tale tale sign that the ejaculation is on its way?

Pain, humiliation. A squeeze on his balls, just as you feel the orgasm erupt is often times sufficient to delay the inevitable.

Pinching his nipples, with mounting degree of strength is another method.

Orgasm denial is the result of expert masturbation and a willingness to the take the focus away from the cock.

Pain is ideal for that purpose.

Tease and denial phone sex utilizes the same techniques, only the suffering is communicating by a voice command through the telephone.

Do you want to give it a go? In the mood to find out how long you can last?

Well then, go on! Give us a call!

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